Workflows Unmasked – Restarting Workflows

In part two of Jorge Besada's blog series, he explains a step-by-step on how to stop and restart your workflows.

Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux accelerate database performance for the modern digital era.

xRDBMS Database Continuous Integration with Flyway, Azure DevOps, and Docker...The Simple Way

Chris Unwin explains how you can implement a CI build using Flyway – an open source JDBC based migrations tool in Azure DevOps, like you would with any of the other database tooling you use on a regular basis. So get building!

A Comprehensive Guide to Handling Exceptions in Python

No one wants their code throwing errors, but exceptions in Python can have a whole variety of use cases and are critically important to writing good code.

Henry George describes some examples of what to do and not do when writing exceptions. This article will help you get a deeper understanding of exception handling, as well as provide some useful Python tips.

Fight Stale Data

30% of your data goes stale each year. Melissa’s Data Quality Components for SSIS verifies addresses and dedupes your records to power business intelligence. Try our Community Edition for FREE, or sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial of our Enterprise Edition.

The Docker Handbook

The concept of containerization itself is pretty old, but the emergence of the Docker Engine in 2013 has made it much easier to containerize your applications. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey - 2020, Docker is the #1 most wanted platform. As in-demand as it may be, getting started can seem a bit intimidating at first. In this article, you learn everything from basic to intermediate level containerization.

Watch and Win! Centralize Backups for Scattered Data — Without License Fees

Data is scattered across platforms – PCs, VMs, cloud apps. See how Active Backup centralizes data protection in one place. Plus, enter to win a Synology NAS!

Data Modeling and Partitioning Patterns in Azure Cosmos DB

Many of us are familiar with relational databases like SQL Server and Oracle. But Azure Cosmos DB is a NoSQL (non-relational) database – which is very different, and there are new ways to think about data modeling. In this post, Leonard Lobel uses a familiar real-world relational data model and refactors it as a non-relational data model for Azure Cosmos DB.

SQL Server Backup Monitoring with PowerShell

Alejandro Cobar explains how to collect information to build an inventory of SQL Server database backups for all of the servers that have been registered for this monitoring solution.

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