What are the Different Types of User Defined Functions in SQL Server?

Just the mention of UDFs in the SQL Server community can make people cringe. UDFs can be “bad things,” and to the optimizer, they are often black boxes. However, Kathi Kellenberger demonstrates how ITVFs, one of the three types of UDFs, can actually help improve performance.

DBAs: Check Out New Beta Exam DP-300

Earn the Azure Database Administrator Associate certification by passing the new DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure (beta) exam. Prove your skills on cloud and hybrid data platform solutions on Azure data services and SQL Server.

Manage Configurable Data in Kubernetes

There is often a need to have some configurations manageable from outside the container during containerization. Vaibhav Raizada demonstrates how you can use a Kubernetes resource configMap to set the configuration data of the pods dynamically, thus decoupling config from code.

How PASS Won the DBTA Database DevOps Innovation Award for Fully Automating their Database Deployments

On March 02, DBTA announced PASS as the winner of its inaugural Database DevOps Innovation Award. In this blog post, Redgate shares the key learnings from their story, including where they started, the process they designed, and how they implemented it.

Lift-and-Shift to the Cloud with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Get the combined performance, security, and analytics of SQL Server with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

Continuous Integration Builds in Azure DevOps

In this video, Tim Corey demonstrates how to add continuous integration by setting up your Azure DevOps to build your source code every time you check it in. This way, just committing and pushing your code will be enough to ensure that the application builds and verifies your code before you continue.

Data Analysts: Prove Your Expertise with New DA-100 (Beta) Exam

Prove analysis and visualization skills with the new DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta) exam. Pass the beta exam and earn your Data Analyst Associate certification.

PowerShell 7 Cross-Platform Scripting Tips and Traps

One of the reasons you should adopt PowerShell 7 on your desktop is that it can be used cross-platform. Theoretically, you can write a PowerShell script or function that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. However, this is not without challenges. Jeff Hicks shares some thoughts on what you should keep in mind.

Entity Framework Core and Its Data Modelling Approaches

Abhishek Yadav demonstrates how to install Entity Framework Core inside ASP.Net Core Application and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches of Entity Framework Core to model the data.

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