“The Book Definition” of WorkFlows

Jorge Besada explains what Windows PowerShell WorkFlows are and how you can get them running.

Process a Cube from a Logic App

In this tutorial, Josef Richberg demonstrates how to process your Azure Analysis Services Cube from a Logic App.

Microsoft Certifications: Data & AI

Microsoft has announced two new Data & AI certifications, designed especially for data professionals like you. Add to your existing portfolio with these exams and certifications for Azure Database Administrator Associate and Data Analyst Associate.

How to Version a REST API

If you've been burned by API changes, you're probably fussing about API versioning. Tim Kleier explains why your API needs to have versioning, and how to effectively navigate API changes.

PASS Marathon: Secure Data Storage

Join us for PASS Marathon: Secure Data Storage on April 09 starting at 21:00 UTC. Explore a range of topics from reconciling your organization's business and data strategies; to integration across a variety of tools, departments, and environments; to compliance.

Database Design and Logical Asseveration for SQL Query Optimization

Database design and Logical Asseveration play a vital role in database performance and SQL Query optimization. Jignesh Raiyani demonstrates how to use different parameters to make your database and the query accurate.

Introducing Azure SQL Database Edge

Did you know?
SQL can run on ARM-based IoT devices?
SQL can have less than a 350MB footprint?
SQL can stream, store, and provide real-time scoring in a disconnected environment?

Discover the power of SQL at the Edge - where speed matters most.

Database Basics: Writing a SQL Database From Scratch in Go

Phil Eaton covers how to write a rudimentary database from scratch in Go. You will build enough of a parser to run some simple CREATE, INSERT, and SELECT queries and build In-Memory back-end supporting TEXT and INT types.

When Should I Add an Extra Database Node?

Ashraf Sharif explains when you should add an extra database node into your existing database infrastructure, whether you are running on a standalone or a clustered setup.

SQL Developer Keyboard Shortcuts: The Movie!

Jeff Smith walks you through his favorite keyboard shortcuts in Oracle SQL Developer. These could save you HOURS of coding and working with your Oracle Database!

Upcoming Virtual Events

Azure Data Security - Tim Radney

Wednesday, March 25. 16:00 UTC.


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