Handling Flexible Search Needs Using Stored Procedures and Dapper

In this article, Dan Mallot outlines a technique for handling flexible search needs from a .NET API using stored procedures and Dapper. This technique allows for plan reuse while avoiding the generated SQL normally produced by traditional ORMs, and can also be adapted for use with Entity Framework.  

Validate CSP from Command Line

The content security policy spec has been an amazing front-end security tool to help prevent XSS and other types of attacks. If you aren't familiar with CSPs, David Walsh provides a quick example.  

Python Exception Handling: Try, Catch, Finally

An exception is an error that happens at the time of execution in a program. However, while running a program, Python generates an exception that should be handled to prevent your program from crashing. In this article, you will learn why and how you should use exceptions.

8 Free/Open-Source Flowchart Software in 2020

An open-source flowchart software can act as a tool that helps software developers in comprehensively analyzing various processes, systems, and programs. Nilam Oswal has listed the top picks with their individual features, to help you determine which open-source or free flowchart software best fits your requirements.

JavaScript: Import & Export Statements

In JavaScript ES6, you can import and export functionalities from modules. The import and export statements in JavaScript help you to share code across multiple files. Robin Wieruch will show you different examples that showcase the statements by sharing one or multiple variables across two files.  

How Apollo REST Data Source Deduplicates and Caches API Calls [Deep Dive]

Apollo's REST Data Source does a lot more than you'd think behind the scenes, which is why it's recommended instead of using a wrapped HTTP library like Axios or Fetch to hook up data to your resolvers. Khalil Stemmler will show you how Request Deduplication and Resource Caching work in REST Data Source.  

Postgres vs MySQL, a Comparison

In this article, Flavio Copes makes a high-level comparison of PostgreSQL and MySQL.  

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