Always On Availability Group – Executive Summary

The ‘Always On Availability Group’ feature is a high-availability and disaster-recovery solution. Since the launch with SQL Server 2012, data professionals have adopted this solution widely. Before implementing ‘Always On Availability Group’, data professionals need to make decisions about availability and failover mode. These decisions will involve discussion with business owners of the applications that will be supported by the databases. Taiob Ali provides answers to common questions from business owners who do not have a technical background.

Brent Ozar is Giving You Live Database Training!

Join Brent Ozar, Pinal Dave, Janis Griffin, and other top experts for this fun and educational webcast series. Save your place for Quest ® Database Training Days now!

SQL Server and Docker Compose

Do you think that Docker Compose is used solely to spin up multiple containers? Andrew Pruski explains how you can used compose for everything!

Prepping an Oracle Database for a Cloud Migration

Although each database is unique, Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman presents some things that are pretty consistent that need to be identified or resolved before migrating an Oracle database to the cloud.

Bring SQL Server to Your IoT Devices

Optimized for IoT, Azure SQL Edge extends your Microsoft SQL engine to the edge. Learn how this small but mighty database engine (<500) with built-in data streaming, time series, and AI capabilities works in connected or disconnected environments.

Your Modern Linux Platform for SQL Server on Azure

Microsoft's pre-configured offer of SQL Server 2019 on SUSE helps you simplify licensing and Pay-As-You-Go. This offer includes support from Microsoft engineering and SUSE's Azure-tuned kernel, which was co-engineered to optimize Azure throughput and reduce latency.

Adaptive Joins in SQL Server

SQL Server 2017 (compatibility 140) brought us many Intelligent Query Processing (IQP), formally known as Adaptive Query Processing, features that improve performance on workloads straight out of the box with no code changes to implement. Monica Rathbun talks about one of those features: the Adaptive Joins.

Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux accelerate database performance for the modern digital era.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Storage without Cheetos - Chris Adkins

Wednesday, September 23. 19:00 UTC.

Modernizing Your Data Platform - Guy Glantser

Tuesday, September 29. 17:00 UTC.

Azure Data Engineering 101 - Leslie Andrews

Thursday, October 08. 16:00 UTC.


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