SQL Server Azure VM Disks Caching and Uncaching

There is so much to think about when writing about SQL Server on cloud VMs. In this blog post, Niko Neugebauer touches on one of the less spoken of and possibly one of the most controversial topics of SQL Server on Azure VM Disk Caching.

Is SQL Server Running Slow? Get Expert Performance Tuning Tips in New Ebook

What should you do first? Learn a five-step process for database performance tuning in our latest ebook: The Fundamental Guide to SQL Query Optimization.

Everything I Never Wanted to Know About Collation

In this video, Kendra Little shares the basics of collation in SQL Server, along with helpful resources to learn more.

Actual I/O Statistics in the Execution Plan

One of the things that many people look at when tuning their queries is the amount of I/O required per execution. Of course, when the CEO is waiting for their favorite report to render, we only care about elapsed time. However, for most other queries, especially for those that run thousands of times each day, reducing I/O is often our main objective.

Fight Stale Data

30% of your data goes stale each year. Melissa’s Data Quality Components for SSIS verifies addresses and dedupes your records to power business intelligence. Try our Community Edition for FREE, or sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial of our Enterprise Edition.

SQL Server – Wait Statistics from Query Execution Plan

Pinal Dave demonstrates a way to find Wait Statistics from Query Execution Plans.

Watch and Win! Centralize Backups for Scattered Data — Without License Fees

Data is scattered across platforms – PCs, VMs, cloud apps. See how Active Backup centralizes data protection in one place. Plus, enter to win a Synology NAS!

Understanding How to Enable SQL Server Optimizer Hotfixes

There are a number of knobs and switches available to database administrators that can be used to enable better performance. In this article, John Morehouse discusses three options in particular: trace flag 4199, the database scoped configuration QUERY_OPIMIZER_HOTFIXES, and the query hint ENABLE_QUERY_OPTIMIZER_HOTFIXES. Understanding how these options function will give you a hand up on ensuring the query optimizer is running as optimally as possible.

Should I Transform My Data in My SQL Query?

Imagine you need to join two tables of data and filter the results. Perhaps, you also need to convert some of the values for display. Do you choose to perform all of this in your SQL query? Or do you bring the data into your app and handle it there with code? Bert Wagner explains which option is better.

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