Insights from Your Database Using PowerShell and TSQL

Ben Miller explains how you can gain insights into your database with a little automation, plus have a better maintenance strategy.

Simplify Calculations with APPLY

Normally, people know about APPLY as a way of connecting a data set to a table value function. However, there is a lot more to it than that. Kevin Feasel shares in this video what you can do with the APPLY operator to make your life easier.

Is SQL Server Running Slow - Again?

When SQL Server is slow, what should you do first to analyze and address performance bottlenecks?
Learn a five-step process for database performance tuning in our latest ebook, “The Fundamental Guide to SQL Query Optimization”.

PASS Marathon: Portuguese Edition

Registration is now open for the PASS Marathon: Portuguese Edition, taking place on July 16 at 18:00 UTC.

If you are interested in SQL Server 2019, Database Development, and Microsoft Azure Services - presented entirely in Portuguese - don't miss out, guarantee your place in this FREE learning opportunity!

Free Presto Book ($60 Value)

New O’Reilly book, courtesy of Starburst. Over 3000 copies downloaded already. Learn the world's fastest distributed SQL query engine and access analytics anywhere.

What is Batch Mode on Rowstore in SQL Server?

Monica Rathbun explains how you can use Batch Mode on Rowstore in SQL Server to make your query operations process data faster and more efficiently. The performance impact of this can be tremendous, which effectively uses CPU more efficiently.

Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux accelerate database performance for the modern digital era.

Using Docker Volumes for SQL Server in Linux

John Morehouse demonstrates an easy way to restore a sample database into a Docker container that is running SQL Server by attaching a persistent volume to the container. With this method, you don’t have to copy any files into the container, and it makes the overall process easier and repeatable.

Avoiding Common DIY PC Building Mistakes

As more people work from home, an increasing number are choosing to use a desktop PC as their primary machine. People are using desktop PCs for gaming, and if you need CPU or GPU intensive workloads, a desktop PC gives you the ability to have a lot more performance than a laptop can offer. For these reasons, many people are building their own desktop machines from parts. In this article, Glenn Berry gives you some guidance for avoiding common DIY PC building mistakes.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Beyond the Basic SELECT - Deborah Melkin

Tuesday, July 28. 16:00 UTC.


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