The Optimizer, Statistics, and Correlated Predicates

Sometimes a query with two predicates executes slowly, and removing one of those predicates can help to speed things up. Vern Rabe explores why that may be the case, and one possible solution to address it.

Native Scoring with SQL Server Machine Learning Services

In this video, Kevin Feasel explains the Native Scoring Functionality in SQL Server Machine Learning Services, along with several demos.

Webinar: Learning from Data Breaches, An Overview

In this webinar, we will look at different data breaches that we know the technical details about. We’ll look at what vulnerabilities the attackers took advantage of and how to shore up those weak points.

How PASS Won the DBTA Database DevOps Innovation Award for Fully Automating their Database Deployments

On March 02, DBTA announced PASS as the winner of its inaugural Database DevOps Innovation Award. In this blog post, Redgate shares the key learnings from their story, including where they started, the process they designed, and how they implemented it.

Lift-and-Shift to the Cloud with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Get the combined performance, security, and analytics of SQL Server with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

Process a Cube from a Logic App

Josef Richberg demonstrates how to process your Azure Analysis Services Cube from a Logic App.

Attaching and Restoring Databases Inside a Container

Many of us may be spending more time at home, perhaps without the luxury of our powerful office desktop machines. Aaron Bertrand has been using Docker containers for local development and explains how you can attach or restore databases inside a container.

Keeping Your Cloud Deployments Secure During Challenging Times

As the world comes together to combat COVID-19, remote work is becoming a critical capability for many companies. Dandy Weyn discusses how to best maintain the security posture of Cloud assets, while enabling more remote workers to access them.

Query Store, Plan Forcing, and Drop/Create

Query Store has a great ability to force a plan. However, there are a lot of little gotchas in this functionality and Grant Fritchey recently found one that has quite a far-reaching effect. Read more to see what happens when you DROP and then CREATE a stored procedure.

Upcoming Virtual Events

DBA Tools for Microsoft Azure- Radu Vunvulea

Tuesday, April 14. 02:30 UTC.


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