Parameter Sniffing and Performance

Pinal Dave explains what Parameter Sniffing is and how to overcome the SQL Server Performance problem it creates.

Design for the Future, Not the Past

Every organization that manages data fights the same battle on a regular basis. Should systems be architected quickly to solve a current problem, or should they be built to withstand the test of time?

Ed Pollack identifies the specific changes that will have the greatest impact and creates a simple list of design considerations that are inexpensive, yet easy to neglect.

Microsoft Certifications: Data & AI

Microsoft has announced two new Data & AI certifications, designed especially for data professionals like you. Add to your existing portfolio with these exams and certifications for Azure Database Administrator Associate and Data Analyst Associate.

PASS Marathon: Secure Data Storage

The Call for Speakers for PASS Marathon: Secure Data Storage is open! Be part of this virtual event and explore topics on Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid, Data Modeling, Containers, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Docker, and more. This PASS Marathon: Secure Data Storage is taking place on April 09.

Provisioning Local Dev Copies from AWS RDS (SQL Server)

Chris Unwin demonstrates the steps involved to get access to a .bak file directly from S3, and how you could provision it all the way to dev with little-to-no involvement in the process.

Introducing Azure SQL Database Edge

Did you know?

SQL can run on ARM-based IoT devices?
SQL can have less than a 350MB footprint?
SQL can stream, store, and provide real-time scoring in a disconnected environment?

Discover the power of SQL at the Edge - where speed matters most.

Introduction to Indexed Views in SQL Server

In this article, Archana creates an indexed view and compares the performance of that indexed view to that of the original query used in the view.

Recovering Lost Linked Servers

Did you forget to script out the linked servers on the server you're upgrading? Don't panic. Taryn Pratt explains how you can fix it.

You’ve Encrypted Your Data in the Cloud, But Are Your Keys Safe?

Storing the keys in the same cloud as the data isn’t the safest option, but what are the alternatives?

Upcoming Virtual Events

Data Virtualization with PolyBase - Kevin Feasel

Wednesday, March 11. 17:00 UTC.

Azure Data Security - Tim Radney

Wednesday, March 25. 16:00 UTC.

Inside the Database Engine - John Deardurff

Wednesday, April 08. 18:00 UTC.


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