How to Pass a List of Values into a Stored Procedure

Brent Ozar compares different methods to pass a list of values into a stored procedure. Be sure to read until the end to learn the best method!

The 2020 State of Database DevOps Report from Redgate

The findings from this survey will help shape the business case of any team looking to implement or improve their approach to database DevOps.

Queue Table Issues with Availability Groups in SQL Server

Aaron Bertrand demonstrates how soft deletes and a filtered index can help minimize the cost of ghost records in an Availability Group.  


Database tables are not static entities and changes can sometimes wreak havoc on packages and procedures. Read on to see how Oracle's expand_sql_text can help.

SQL Server – Temp Table vs Table Variable – Carnality Estimation

Pinal Dave compares Carnality Estimation for Temp Table vs Table Variable, and gives a final verdict.

Common Commands and Tasks to Make Dealing with Windows Core Easier

You aren’t supposed to be logging into your servers all that often, so why have the extra overhead of Windows? Kenneth Fisher provides some helpful tips on common commands to simplify your work with Windows Core.

Securing Data in SQL Server

Like most things, some people want “the answer” or “the solution” to securing the data inside of SQL Server. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single solution that solves all the problems that are potentially out there. Jonathan Kehayias presents the different features for securing Data in SQL Server.

Move a SQL Database Using the Detach and Attach Method

Rajendra Gupta explores the process of moving a SQL database using the detach and attach method.

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