Measure Ethical Data Analysis by Outcomes, Not Intent

William Assaf and Christine Assaf reflect on how data collection and analysis without regard to the potential for disparate outcomes poses ethical issues.

Your Modern Linux Platform for SQL Server

From record benchmarks on premises to co-engineering a Linux Kernel that optimizes Azure throughput and reduces latency, SUSE and Microsoft are partnering for you. Microsoft's pre-configured offer of SQL Server 2019 on SUSE helps you simplify licensing and Pay-As-You-Go.

Deploy Models (Almost) Anywhere with

If you look at the multitude of different ways that you can build a machine learning model today, you would be right to feel overwhelmed. You can build models in R, Python,, etc. Once you have decided which language to build in, the range of different frameworks only adds to the problem. Terry McCann explains how ONNX can simplify the process.

Building an SSIS Framework in Azure Data Factory

In this video, Andy Leonard demonstrates how to build an SSIS Framework in Azure Data Factory.

IoT Platforms, Powered by Digital Twins

Digital Twins has become one of the most powerful technologies that can empower modern IoT and AI solutions to reach and bring additional value for businesses and society. Mihail Mateev discusses different solutions, with a main focus on cloud platforms, that can be used to implement Digital Twins.

Machine Learning – How Do I Get Good Data to Learn?

Machine Learning and AI must have a lot of data to play with. Damian Widera shares where you can find good data.

Azure Data Factory | Continuous Integration & Deployment with Azure DevOps

Building CI/CD process for Azure Data Factory can be accomplished through a variety of different methods. In this video, Kamil Nowinski explains some of these techniques and the situations in which they can be used.

Do You Need Data Governance Over a Data Lake?

There continues to be a lot of excitement about data lakes and the possibilities that they offer; particularly with analytics, data visualizations, AI, and machine learning. Nicola Askham discusses whether you really need Data Governance over a data lake.

SQL On-Demand in Azure Synapse Analytics

The new SQL on-demand (to be renamed SQL Serverless) offering within Azure Synapse Analytics opens up a whole new world of getting insights into data immediately, at low-cost, using familiar tools and languages. James Serra presents the three main scenarios that show why SQL on-demand is great and answers the top FAQ’s about SQL on-demand.

Upcoming Virtual Events

SSIS in Azure Options and Practices - Chunhua Gu

Tuesday, September 15. 15:00 UTC.


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