Getting Started with Big Data Clusters – Part 3

In previous posts, Ben Weissman deployed a Big Data Cluster and explored its Data Virtualization capabilities. Now, it’s time to look at how you can use your Big Data Cluster to consume file-based data. The Big Data Cluster component to be used is the so-called ‘Storage Pool’.

Load Streaming Data into Azure Synapse with Azure Stream Analytics

Once streaming data from devices, sensors, or applications have been loaded to an Azure Event Hub or IoT Hub, you are ready to configure the Azure Synapse database and the Stream Analytics job to load it. Jeremy Frye walks you through the set up and configuration of the Azure Synapse and Stream Analytics job services. You will run the stream job to pull data from an Event Hub and load it to Synapse while confirming the speed and efficiency of the near real-time data load.

Free Presto Book ($60 Value)

New O’Reilly book, courtesy of Starburst. Over 3000 copies downloaded already. Learn the world's fastest distributed SQL query engine and access analytics anywhere.

Stop an Azure-SSIS Files Integration Runtime (Safely)

Did you forget to stop an Azure-SSIS integration runtime? It probably cost you more money than it would have cost you if you had remembered to stop it! Andy Leonard explains how you can stop an Azure-SSIS Files Integration Runtime safely and save you money if you forget to shut it down after a long day.

Refreshing a Power BI Dataset in Azure Data Factory

Meagan Longoria gives a step-by-step explanation of how to use Data Factory to refresh a Power BI dataset.

Extract, Import, and Migrate SSIS Project

You have a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Project deployed to an Integration Services Catalog and need to make changes to it or move it to another server, but you don't have the original source file or access to the Project source? Joe Gavin demonstrates three ways to get an SSIS Project from the Catalog.

The Power of AI in Finance and Algorithmic Trading

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are fundamentally changing the world, Joyce Chiu investigates how they’re impacting finance and algorithmic trading, particularly at a time when markets are so vulnerable and volatile.

SSIS Parameters

SSIS parameters help to ease the process of passing runtime values to SSIS packages. For values that can change over time, using parameters in SSIS is an ideal means of externalizing those runtime values. In this article, Tim Mitchell demonstrates how to get started using SSIS parameters.

Azure Synapse Analytics is Redrawing the Modern Data Landscape

Since Microsoft announced that Azure Synapse Analytics is moving to Public Preview, for most of us this represents the first real chance to get hands on with the truly new elements of Azure Synapse. Erik Roll discusses the potential of Azure to truly transform the rules of the game with the advent of true, cloud-scale analytics.

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