Getting Started with Big Data Clusters – Part 2

In the first post shared in the last edition, we deployed a Big Data Cluster. Now it’s time to use this system and get some work done on it. Let’s start with a feature called “Data Virtualization”.

Webinar: Loading a Data Warehouse in SSIS

Join Brian Knight, founder of Pragmatic Works, and Chris Cushman of SentryOne, for a free webinar. In this session, you'll learn how to load a data warehouse using SSIS.

PASS Marathon: Azure Data Services Spanish Edition

Back by popular demand, the second Spanish Edition of PASS Marathon will be taking place June 24 at 19:00 UTC.
This virtual event will span 8 consecutive sessions and will be delivered exclusively in Spanish. You will be joined by MVPs, PASS Community Leaders, and other experts on the Microsoft Data Platform, exposing various topics on new technologies and the latest trends in data analysis and management.

Azure Synapse Analytics - Microsoft's Flagship Lakehouse Now in Preview

Did you know Azure Synapse Analytics was already available? Have you been using it all year and don’t see what the fuss is about Azure Synapse Analytics now in public preview? Simon Whiteley clarifies what the new story is.

Introducing the Azure SQL Family

Flexibility to adapt your business is crucial during these uncertain times. When it comes to migrating your data, Azure SQL is a family of databases that meet you where you are. Azure SQL has options for any need and budget to help you stay agile.

Azure Data Sources for Data Science and Machine Learning

Jen Stirrup explores some of the myths around data storage and data science technology architecture in Azure. You will learn what data storage mechanism to use and when, and how the data storage technologies match up with each other.

When Should I Use Multiple Azure Data Factories?

There are several reasons why you might want to use multiple Data Factory resources. Paul Andrew explains what those considerations are depending on organization, setup, development team, and regulations.

Meeting the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow With Azure AI

It’s inspiring to see how customers continue to re-imagine how they work with the help of AI, which is more important today than ever. Microsoft customers are finding innovative ways to deliver crisis management solutions, drive cost-savings, redefine customer engagement, and accelerate decision-making. Dandy Weyn shares some recent notable examples.

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