Getting Started with Big Data Clusters – Part 1

Have you heard about Big Data Clusters in SQL Server 2019 and are looking to get some hands-on experience? Let’s get you started today. Ben Weissman will guide you step-by-step on how to deploy a Big Data Cluster in Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) from a Windows client.

Time Perspective Bookmarks

In this video, Reid Havens explores creative ways to utilize Bookmarks to seamlessly navigate between hierarchical time perspectives across multiple visuals.

Webinar: Azure Data Factory for the SSIS Developer

Learn the fundamentals of Azure Data Factory and how to migrate SSIS packages to start modernizing your solution.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to Power BI From Another BI Platform

Now that Power BI is so popular, it’s becoming more and more common for organizations to migrate their reports from other BI platforms to Power BI. Chris Webb highlights some of the common mistakes made when migrating to Power BI, to prevent you from making them yourself.

Stacking Up Datasets in Azure Data Factory

Rayis Imayev shares how to combine two or more datasets together in Azure Data Factory.

Lift-And-Shift to the Cloud With SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Get the combined performance, security, and analytics of SQL Server with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

SIR Modeling on Azure: COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model For Epidemics

Colby Ford reviews an example of SIR modeling on Azure, using the COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics (CHIME) model. Before diving into the details of the CHIME model, you'll get up to speed on how epidemiological models like this work.

Query Acceleration for Azure Data Lake Storage

Query Acceleration for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS) has just been announced. James Serra discusses how this new capability for ADLS enables applications and analytics frameworks to dramatically optimize data processing by retrieving only the data required to perform a given operation from storage.

Journey of a Data Engineer: From College to BI Developer

Dustin Vannoy shares his journey to becoming a Data Engineer and what he has learned along the way.

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