Getting Started with the New Power BI Activity Log API

Paul Turley demonstrates how to get started with the Power BI Activity Log API.

Introducing the Power BI Activity Log

In December, Microsoft announced the availability of a new Power BI API called the activity log, which enables Power BI service admins to track users and admin activities within a Power BI tenant.

Filtering Power BI Visuals by Measure

Teo Lachev showcases the ability to filter visual data by a measure in Power BI.  

Azure Synapse Analytics Combines Data Warehouse, Lake, and Pipelines

At Ignite 2019: Microsoft announced the rebranding of its Azure SQL Data Warehouse into Synapse Analytics, which integrates Apache Spark, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Data Factory with a unified Web user interface.  

Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI Performance

James Serra explores compelling reporting performance options when combining two new relational database features in Azure Synapse Analytics with Power BI.  

Databricks Delta Lake vs. Data Lake ETL: Overview and Comparison

Ori Rafael reviews and compares the differences between Databricks Delta Lake and Data Lake ETL.  

Upcoming Virtual Events

What's New in SQL Server 2019 - William Assaf

Wednesday, January 22. 19:00 UTC.


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