Measure Ethical Data Analysis by Outcomes, Not Intent

William Assaf and Christine Assaf reflect on how data collection and analysis without regard to the potential for disparate outcomes poses ethical issues.

Doing Power BI the Right Way: Preparing, Shaping, & Transforming Source Data

In a business intelligence solution, data must be shaped and transformed. Your data is rarely, if ever, going to be in the right format for analytic reporting. Paul Turley explains the different options for preparing, shaping, and transforming your data.

PASS Marathon: Technical Leadership

Join us on September 03 at 18:00 UTC to enhance your career with the soft-skills you need to get ahead, lead a team, and influence your organization. Our speakers will be exploring topics such as: Career Advancement, Communication, Networking, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health, and much more.

Next Level Conditional Drill in Power BI Desktop with Buttons 

Learn how you can take conditional drill to the next level in Power BI Desktop with buttons. Patrick LeBlanc also shows how you can add in dynamic page navigation.

Creating KPIs in Power BI Desktop

Alberto Ferrari describes how to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a Power BI Desktop data model by using Tabular Editor.

Adding Calculation Groups using the Tabular Object Model

There are no tools built into Power BI to create Calculation Groups, but Kasper de Jonge explains how you can add them programmatically through using the Tabular Object Model.

Power BI Report Design for Maximum Accessibility

In this video, Parker Stevens covers how to make your Power BI reports accessible for users of all abilities. You will learn some best practices for Power BI report design.

DAX Studio: How Measure Formatting Works

Have you ever run a DAX query from DAX Studio and wondered why the format you set on a measure does not always get applied? Darren Gosbell explains how the measure formatting works.

How You Can Incrementally Refresh Any Power BI Data Source

Gilbert Quevauvilliers demonstrates how you can incrementally refresh any Power BI data source with a CSV File example.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Thinking in DAX with Power BI - Meng Zong

Sunday, August 30. 01:00 UTC.

Data Modeling with Data Lakes and Power BI - Ike Ellis

Wednesday, September 09. 18:00 UTC.


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