Load Streaming Data into Azure Synapse with Azure Stream Analytics

Once streaming data from devices, sensors, or applications have been loaded to an Azure Event Hub or IoT Hub, you are ready to configure the Azure Synapse database and the Stream Analytics job to load it. Jeremy Frye will walk you through the set up and configuration of the Azure Synapse and Stream Analytics job services. You will run the stream job to pull data from an Event Hub and load it to Synapse while confirming the speed and efficiency of the near real-time data load.

Introducing the Azure SQL Family

Flexibility to adapt your business is crucial during these uncertain times. When it comes to migrating your data, Azure SQL is a family of databases that meet you where you are. Azure SQL has options for any need and budget to help you stay agile.

Demystifying the Power BI XMLA Endpoint

The public preview of read/write capabilities for the XMLA endpoint in Power BI Premium has been announced. Paul Turley shares his experience about how Power BI XMLA Endpoint works and what you can do with it.

Can We Have Animated Power BI Visuals? 

Can we have animated Power BI visuals? Patrick LeBlanc gives it a try to see what you can do to animate your bar charts and pie charts.

Getting Started with Amazon Redshift

Companies are looking for ways to efficiently analyze all their data. Join this online tech talk to learn how to get started with Amazon Redshift; a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to perform analytics at scale.

DAX 1-Column Fusion

One approach to optimize DAX queries is to focus on the number of Storage Engine (SE) calls generated by a query and look for ways to provide the same result using fewer SE calls. Phil Seamark highlights an elegant DAX-based trick that works for a specific scenario by reducing the number of SE calls that don’t rely on DAX fusion.

Show the Information but Not the Details: Power BI Data Masking

Reza Rad explains how you can use Data Masking to reveal only part of the information that is not confidential in Power BI.

What is DAX and Why Do You Need to Learn It?

In this video, Sam McKay explains what DAX is and why you need to learn it.

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