Time Perspective Bookmarks

In this video, Reid Havens explores creative ways to utilize Bookmarks to seamlessly navigate between hierarchical time perspectives and across multiple visuals.

Lift-and-Shift to the Cloud with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Get the combined performance, security, and analytics of SQL Server with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

Beginners Learning Path for Machine Learning

Are you interested in Machine Learning? Ahmad Anis shares a complete learning path to get you started on a career in this field.

Speed Up Data Refresh Performance in Power BI Desktop Using Table.View 

It can sometimes be frustrating to work with slow data sources or complex Power Query queries in Power BI Desktop: you open the Power Query Editor, make some changes, click Close & Apply, and then wait a long time for your data to refresh. Chris Webb demonstrates a technique that can cut this wait by up to 50%. The process involves some fairly complex M code, but the effort is worth it!

How to Change the Dataset Script in Power BI Desktop

Store datasets in enhanced metadata format is a new preview feature in Power BI. Kasper de Jonge explains how you can use this feature to change the script in your Power BI file by hand, and how easy and powerful it is.

ETL vs Data Preparation: What Does Your Business Need?

One of the greatest challenges that any data professional encounters is working with data variety. Both ETL pipelines and data preparation tools are made to manage data variety, but each has distinct advantages and drawbacks. Daniel Lucia provides a comparison of the two tools and explains which one to use depending on your business and data strategies.

Calculating Doubling Times with DAX in Power BI

Imke Feldmann demonstrates methods to calculate the doubling time with DAX in Power BI. Doubling time is an indicator used for exponential growth scenarios. It indicates how much time it takes for a figure to double, and you might have come across it in studies covering the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Power BI Auto Recovery

How many times in Power BI Desktop have you clicked on “No, remove the files” and immediately regretted it? Prathy Kamasani shares her magic trick to address this common scenario.

Get Started with Star Schema

In this video, Chris Wagner explains how to build out a good Star Schema, which is key when it comes to building out highly functioning Power BI reports and content.

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Wednesday, June 10. 18:00 UTC.


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