Automate Professional PowerPoint Presentations Using R

The PowerPoint presentation is the vehicle of choice for information sharing among many businesses. R brings unparalleled power to data analysis and visualization. However, getting those visualizations from a window in R Studio to a formatted slide via copy/paste is tedious and error prone. There is a better way. Jeff Renz demonstrates how R Markdown can automate the creation of presentation-worthy slides from R code.

Data Analysts: Prove Your Expertise With New DA-100 (Beta) Exam

Prove analysis and visualization skills with the new DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta) exam. Pass the beta exam and earn your Data Analyst Associate certification.

Deep Data Dive with Kusto for Azure Data Explorer and Log Analytics

Kusto is a service for storing and analyzing big data, using a unique syntax for analysis. Jeremy Likness walks through how to craft a Kusto query by using Azure Data Explorer to analyze telemetry captured in Log Analytics from Application Insights.

Getting Started with Power BI Desktop in 5 Steps 

Getting started with Power BI Desktop is easy. Patrick LeBlanc shares five steps to get you up and running quickly with Power BI Desktop. From downloading, to getting data, and then building your report visuals.

Lift-And-Shift to the Cloud with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Get the combined performance, security, and analytics of SQL Server with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

Azure Machine Learning for R Practitioners With the R SDK

After a long period of Microsoft focusing exclusively on Python SDK to enable data scientists to benefit from Azure computing and storage services, they recently released the R SDK tool. Luca Zavarella demonstrates the steps needed to install the Azure Machine Learning R SDK on your preferred environment.

DBAs: Check Out New Beta Exam DP-300

Earn the Azure Database Administrator Associate certification by passing the new DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure (beta) exam. Prove skills on cloud and hybrid data platform solutions on Azure data services and SQL Server.

Basic Data Cleaning for Machine Learning That You Must Perform

Data cleaning is a critically important step in any machine learning project. Jason Brownlee explains the basic data cleaning you should always perform on your dataset.

Exception Handling in Python – Get Rid of Those Errors!

Errors are the bane of a programmer’s existence. You write an awesome piece of code, are ready to execute it and build a powerful machine learning model, and then poof: Python throws up an unexpected error, ending your hope of quick code execution. Follow Lakshay Arora to get rid of your Exception errors in Python.

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