Hosting a Machine Learning Model in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Microsoft introduced the ML.NET framework which can be used by developers to include machine learning models in their applications. In this article, Dino Esposito discusses hosting a machine learning model in ASP.NET Core 3.0.  

3 Different Types of .NET Profilers and Why You Need All of Them

.NET Profilers are a developer’s best friend when it comes to optimizing application performance. They are especially critical when doing low level CPU and memory optimizations. Matt Watson explores the different types that serve different purposes and different types of performance profiling.  

Ten User Experience Updates to the Azure Portal

Microsoft is constantly working to improve user experience in the Azure portal. Leon Welicki shares ten highlights of the latest experience improvements.  

Developing a Microsoft .NET Core Web API Application with Aurora Database Using CloudFormation

Discover how to create a simple Microsoft .NET Core Web API for a ToDo Application. Siva Ramani and Naveen Balaraman demonstrates how to create, connect, and integrate with Amazon Aurora Database, while continuing to use existing .NET Core Web APIs.

A Complete Guide to End-to-End API Testing with Docker

Jean-Paul Delimat shares his experience with testing and how to test an API build with Node/express and use chai/mocha for testing.  

Upcoming Virtual Events

SQL Server & Kubernetes – Andrew Pruski

Tuesday, December 17. 16:00 UTC.

Zen and the Art of Baselines – David Klee

Thursday, December 19. 18:00 UTC.


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