A Game of Hierarchies: Graph DB with SQL Server 2019

Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen shares an overview of what a graph is and how to create one in SQL Server 2017.  

SQL Server 2019 Graph Database and SHORTEST_PATH

With SQL Server 2019 on the way, it’s time to begin learning about all the new features. In this article, Dennes Torres demonstrates how to use the new SHORTEST_PATH function, one of the Graph Database features.  

Graph Processing with SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

SQL Server offers graph database capabilities to model many-to-many relationships. The graph relationships are integrated into Transact-SQL and receive the benefits of using SQL Server as the foundational database management system.

SQL Performance Tuning: 7 Practical Tips for Developers

Matt Watson shares seven tips to help equip developers with the knowledge to find slow queries and performance tune in SQL Server.  

How to Use System.Threading.Channels in .Net Core

Take advantage of channels to implement the fast, efficient, asynchronous producer-consumer pattern in.Net Core.  

Git 101: A Git Workflow to Get You Started Pushing Code

Shruti Kapoor demonstrates how to get started pushing code with just a few commands, and the concepts at work behind those concepts.  

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