DevOps Engineer Starter Guide

Mark Henke shares what it takes to enter the field of DevOps. He explores what it means to be a DevOps engineer and the skills required to excel in this role.

Applied AI in Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is making inroads into all aspects of technology. In this article, Afsana Atar explains the role of AI in software testing, and includes some examples using a popular testing tool.

GIT for Absolute Beginners

This article provides an overview of GIT and how to get started with it. Find out what GIT is, terminologies associated with GIT, and how to interact with GIT using the command line.

How to Monitor Servers with PowerShell

Brien Posey walks through the basics of building a PowerShell script that examines remote servers one at a time.

Successfully Managing Upwards and Getting your Boss on your Side

Edwin Sarmiento outlines the principles you’ll need to learn to vastly improve your working relationship with your boss. Through managing upwards, understanding their workflow, and asking the right questions, this guide will provide you with step-by-step techniques to gain the favor of your employer.

Creating ASP.NET Core 2.2 Application Step-by-Step

This article walks through the creation of ASP.NET Core application using ASP.NET Core 2.2 from scratch. Utilizing the capabilities of package manager, EF Core, Identity API, Razor Class Library, and more!

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