PowerApp Embedded into Power BI

Angela Henry discusses embedding PowerApps custom visuals in her Power BI report to keep up-to-date on her community activities.

Should We Use Stored Procedures or Queries Built in the App?

Brent Ozar shares his architecture expertise and answers the question: "Should we use more "stored procedures" for select, insert, update, delete or should that just be sent as queries from the application?"

How to Use Python Profilers: Learn the Basics

Kim Sia covers the basics of using a Python profiler, breaking down the key concepts, and introducing the various libraries and tools for each key concept in Python profiling.

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2019 is Ready for Download

Microsoft is making its latest integrated development environment, Visual Studio 2019, available for Windows and Mac users.

Learn the Fundamentals of a Good Developer Mindset in 15 Minutes

Embrace the fundamental laws of software. Hüseyin Polat Yürük shares his thoughts on the mindset that every developer should master to help make better decisions in their daily programming journey.

What is Kubernetes? Container Orchestration Explained

Containers have become increasingly popular since the Docker containerization project launched in 2013, but distributed containerized applications can become difficult to coordinate at large scale. By making containerized applications dramatically easier to manage, Kubernetes has become a key part of the container revolution.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Building Trust in Teams

Wednesday, April 24. 17:00 UTC.

Taking Back Control of Your Work Using Kanban

Wednesday, May 22. 16:00 UTC.

How to Introduce Your Data Scientists to CI/CD

Wednesday, May 22. 19:00 UTC.


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