WebAssembly: Bringing Diversity of Language to the Web

Developers are closer than ever to acquiring what is widely considered the “Holy Grail” of software: the ability to write code once and have it run anywhere. Jeremy Likness discusses how WebAssembly is a standard that defines a cross-platform binary format that executes in web pages.

PASS Summit 2019 Call for Speakers

The PASS Summit 2019 Community Call for Speakers is still open. Abstracts will be accepted for consideration until March 31 at 23:00 UTC.

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Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Git & Jenkins

Lyndsey Padget explores a pattern that often becomes needlessly overcomplicated. Learn how to set up a staging pipeline (dev => QA => prod) using a Git repository.

Python Developers Reveal their Favorite Tools

The Python Software Foundation has shed light on how developers are using Python across the language's three main areas of use: Data Science, Web Development, and DevOps.

24 Hours of PASS: 20 Years of PASS - Past Learnings and Future Visions—Registration is Open!

Taking place on April 3-4, this 24 Hours of PASS: 20 Years of PASS - Past Learnings and Future Visions will span topics including architecture, data management, and analytics.
During these 24 back-to-back webinars, learn how new and experienced speakers plan to take their data estates forward in the next 20 years, as well as what fundamentals they believe will stand the test of time.

Azure: Examining Databricks Apache Spark Platform

Learn about Apache Spark and step-by-step instructions on how to use the new cloud-based hosted Databricks platform with Microsoft Azure or Amazon cloud.

PowerShell Nets More Linux, MacOS, Windows Developers

Microsoft's PowerShell open-sourced scripting language is striking a chord with more developers and is now appearing in the world's top 50 programming languages in the Tiobe index.

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Tuesday, April 9. 02:30 UTC.

Building Trust in the Teams

Wednesday, April 24. 17:00 UTC.


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