Why You Shouldn’t Use ADS – And Why I Am

Jay Robinson shares his insights on the pros and cons of using ADS, Microsoft’s Azure Data Studio, and why he’s using it.

Secure the Lowest Registration Price for PASS Summit – Before Rates Increase this Friday!

Prices are set to increase by $400 to attend PASS Summit 2019 this week! Future-proof your data career at PASS Summit with the latest tips on how to increase your efficiency and provide even better service across your organization.

Using Automation to Connect Build Engineering and DevOps: A Guide

Although build engineering and DevOps are distinct, but connected activities, organizations are not typically bringing them together.

Upload, Download, or Delete a File Stream in Azure Blob Storage using C# .NET

The Problem: Database with 15 columns, one of which is a Blob/Binary Column used to store the PDF binary data. Day by day, the database grows 200GB each year with 1 million records.

The Solution: Move the Blob column (PDF File Stream) to Azure Blob Storage.

From Monolith to Microservices

Microservices are great, but is refactoring monolithic architecture worth the time?

C# Garbage Collection Tutorial

Garbage collection is a key component of many modern programming languages, including C#. It’s even hard to imagine what programming would look like in C#, and other modern languages like Java, Ruby, and many others, without this tool.

The State of the Octoverse: Machine Learning

Gain insights on the most popular machine learning and data science projects on GitHub. Find out which machine learning languages are the most used and which machine learning and data science packages top the list.

Upcoming Virtual Events

IT Maintenance in Azure with Sarita Garg

Thursday, February 28. 18:00 UTC.

Networking 101: Building Professional Relationships

Friday, March 08, 2019. 19:00 UTC.

Women Talk Tech

Tuesday, March 12. 17:00 UTC.

MVP Lightning Talks from the MVP Summit

Thursday, March 21. 21:00 UTC.


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