Getting the Most Out of Entity Framework Core

Chris Woodruff shares his knowledge about Entity Framework Core to help make sure your data queries are efficient and optimized.

Data Expert Series

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Logging in EF Core 2.2 Has A Simpler Syntax – More Like ASP.NET Core

Julie Lerman provides a point of comparison, through an example of using the old syntax to turn on logging, to only show logs related to database commands, and to only show messages that are tagged as “Information”.

Access Stored Procedure with User Defined Data Type Using Entity Framework

While using Entity Framework, you may face situations where multiple data needs to be entered at a time. This requirement can be achieved by creating a custom table type and using it with a stored procedure.

Working with SQL Server Stored Procedures and .NET

There is more than one way to work with SQL Server stored procedures from within a .NET Application. Learn how to avoid exposing your code to "SQL Injection" vulnerabilities.

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Tutorial

Lou Bichard looks at performance tuning PostgreSQL, an advanced open source SQL database. While several optimizations are made available, find out what PostgreSQL needs to know in order to run effectively.

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