Query Store Options in SSMS 18.4

Erin Stellato explores new features related to Query Store, released in Management Studio 18.4 by the SQL Server Tools team.  

Improve Azure and Amazon RDS Performance

Get on intuitive console to manage all your databases.  

Migration to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Ike Ellis shares a demo video that demonstrates how you can use Azure Data Migration Services to migrate to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.  

Overlooked T-SQL Gems

It's easy to take things for granted when they seem obvious. Itzik Ben-Gan guides us through several T-SQL features, support parameters, and capabilities that are often overlooked.  

Query Store Best Practices

This article outlines best practices for using SQL Server Query Store with your workload.  

Upcoming Virtual Events

SQL Server & Kubernetes - Andrew Pruski

Tuesday, December 17, 2019. 16:00 UTC.

Zen and the Art of Baselines - David Klee

Thursday, December 19, 2019. 18:00 UTC.

An Introduction to Azure Managed Instances - Tim Radney

Wednesday, January 08, 2019. 19:00 UTC.


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