Understanding Event Loss with Extended Events

Jonathan Kehayias shares an in-depth discussion about how and when Extended Events will discard an event that has been generated during data collection.

Essential Practices for High Performing Database DevOps Teams

Learn the best practices that high performing Database DevOps teams implement to gain competitive advantage. Get the free whitepaper.  

Gain an OLTP Price-Performance with Azure SQL Virtual Machines

Today, most applications are running online transactional processing (OLTP) transactions. Find out how Azure brings many price-performance advantages for your workloads with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (VM), with a wide range of Azure Virtual Machine series and Azure disk options. Memory optimized VM series' like Intel ® based Es_v3 series or AMD based Eas_v3 series offer high virtual CPU (vCPU) to memory ratio, at a very low cost.  

Finding Your Isolation Level

Bob Pusateri discusses how to determine the isolation level a query is executing with, pointing out several locations that may need to be checked.

Improve the Performance of Your Azure SQL Database (and Save Money!) with Automatic Tuning

Organizations may have many concerns about performance when migrating databases to Azure. Fortunately, Microsoft provides some great tools to help improve performance and save money. In this article, Monica Rathbun explains how to take advantage of these features.  

Upcoming Virtual Events

What's New: Modernizing on SQL Server 2019 - Pam Lahoud

Wednesday, November 13. 16:00 UTC.


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