Privacy, Security, and Ethics for the Data-Driven Professional

It's challenging to talk about Data Privacy without mentioning either Security or Ethics. Martin Catherall discusses process and governance to generate deeper thought into industry security and fortifying data.  

PASS Marathon: Career Development

Data-driven industries are off to the races and changing rapidly. To keep you one step ahead of the competition, we’re pleased to offer a PASS Marathon for data professionals wanting to take their skills to the next level. PASS Marathon Career Development will take place on tomorrow (October 10) starting at 20:00 UTC.

Don’t miss the PASS Marathon that will sharpen your skills in communication and networking, leadership and management, and personal branding.  

How to Use SQL Audit and Azure Log Analytics to Comply with Audit Rules

Find out how you can use SQL Audit to help you meet compliance requirements, including recording changes to security, accessing tables, and more. Joshua Feierman explains how to set up the audit and collect the data in Azure Log Analytics when running SQL Server in an Azure VM.

Managing and Monitoring Privileged Access to Cloud Ecosystems

Cloud data breaches are on the rise, demonstrating time and again the need for a different approach and strategy when it comes to managing and monitoring privileged access to cloud ecosystems.  

NetLib Security Encryptionizer 

A leader in data encryption for more than 20 yrs, NetLib Security Encryptionizer, is easy-to-use and a highly cost effective alternative to SQL TDE. Use it to encrypt stored data right out of the box. Directly assists compliance requirements.

T-SQL Bugs, Pitfalls, and Best Practices - Pivoting and UnPivoting

Itzik Ben-Gan discusses pivoting and unpivoting using a sample database called TSQLV5.  

Microsoft Launches CyberPeace Institute to Tackle Attacks

Microsoft and others have launched a new non-profit which aims to reduce the “frequency, impact and scale” of cyber-attacks on citizens and critical infrastructure (CNI).  

The Cloud, Data Privacy are Top Trends at Strata Data NY

Data professionals converged at Strata Data NY in late September to discuss the cloud, ethics in artificial intelligence, privacy, and compliance, among other topics of concern.  

The State of Open Source Databases in 2019

ZDNet discusses an extensive survey that explored the market attitude toward open source databases, drivers, and inhibitors to adoption.  

Upcoming Virtual Events

What's New in Azure SQL Database - Sven Aelterman

Thursday, October 31. 17:00 UTC.


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