How to Start Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance

Performance troubleshooting. Andy Yun explores and shares his thoughts on the best steps when troubleshooting SQL Server performance.

Exclusive Microsoft Certification Program

PASS has partnered with Microsoft to bring you exclusive certification training and offers. Demonstrate that you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements.

Join our virtual boot camps for guidance on how to succeed in your exam(s), including a recap of content, and tips and tricks on approaching exam questions. Plus, all boot camp attendees will receive a free practice test. The first webinar will take place on September 25 and will cover the Azure Fundamentals Certification.

Re-thinking Types of Execution Plans

Erin Stellato wants to challenge how you categorize execution plans and go beyond estimated and actual plans. Are you willing to re-define how you think about an estimated plan and define a new type of plan?

Expand Data Types Faster Than Systems

Data architects and leaders are often tasked with collecting a wide range of new data. Sometimes that can lead to the inadvertent growth of new data stores.

Implement Data Governance with Confidence

Companies who implement effective data governance can achieve up to a 150% increase in revenue. Learn how ER/Studio improves the quality, maturity, and compliance of your complex data landscape. Build your data governance foundation with ER/Studio!

Microsoft SQL Server and Ransomware Viruses

Pinal Dave discusses the most effective option to the ransomware epidemic of viruses that encrypt files and then extort money from users.

SQL Server 2019 New Features: Batch Mode on Rowstore

PASS knowledge partner, DataVail, shares an article on some exciting query performance improvements like the Batch Mode on Rowstore. Anup Gopinathan explores the good, the bad, and shares his thoughts on the new feature.

Containers 101: Containers vs. Virtual Machines (And Why Containers Are the Future of IT Infrastructure)

What exactly is a container and what makes it different, and in some cases, better than a virtual machine? Joey D'Antoni answers this question by explaining why containers were ever needed in the first place.

Upcoming Virtual Events

SQL Graph Revealed - Mala Mahadevan

Wednesday, September 18. 16:00 UTC.

Introduction to Query Store - Erin Stellato

Tuesday, October 08. 01:30 UTC.


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