The Data Platform Has Evolved - So Too Must the DBA.

Hamish Watson discusses how data has never been more important to an organization, and no one has a better understanding of how to manage and ultimately harvest that data than the DBA. As the Data Platform evolves to be more self-autonomous, DBAs will be under increased pressure to prove their value.

Power BI & Advanced T-SQL Instructor-Led Classes Near You

Check out SolidQ’s most popular courses: Advanced T-SQL and Power BI. Learn firsthand from Microsoft MVP experts to boost your career and help your organization’s efficiency.

Introducing UTF-8 Support for SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 introduces support for the widely used UTF-8 character encoding. This has been a longtime requested feature and can be set as a database-level or column-level default encoding for Unicode string data.

A New Way of Getting the Actual Execution Plan

Gail Shaw discusses the new plan-related function in SQL Server 2019.

Proactively Ward Off Database Threats!

From the cloud to the business takeover of IT, stranger things are mutating database management. Learn how to survive scary new trends and get DBA superpowers!

Discovering IoT Data at the Edge

Enterprises are struggling to see value from their IoT implementations. Getting real-time data from edge devices isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Improving Tech with Compassionate Code

There is quite a bit of suffering within tech and caused by tech, from poorly commented code to shaming someone who asks a question on a forum. In this article, Samuel Nitsche explains why compassionate coding is a better way to go.

Call for Speakers - PASS Marathon: Open Source

The Call for Speakers is now open for PASS Marathon: Open Source! Submit your session by July 15, for the virtual event taking place on July 30.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Azure Basics for the DBA - John Morehouse

Thursday, July 11. 17:00 UTC

What Else Can Indexes Do? - Erik Darling

Tuesday, July 23. 16:00 UTC


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