Data, Latency, Persistent Memory and NUMA… A Love Affair

In honor of the 20 years of PASS, Jake Smith, of Intel®, shares his journey throughout the Era of Data, offering his insights on what he’s learned from working with SQL, database processing, architecture design, software optimization, data management, and file systems tools for the past 25 years.

Top 10: SQL Server 2019

By now you’ve likely heard of the new version of SQL Server 2019, currently in Community Technology Preview (CTP). Browse the upcoming features that will transform your data, from AI and big data clusters to real-time analytics and interactive visualizations.

Intel Optane Technology and SQL Server

Get the breakdown on Intel Optane Technology and its relevancy for SQL Server. Glenn Berry provides insights on the different products and purposes.

SQL Sentry Breakthrough SQL Server Performance Monitoring

Stop wasting time trying to fix SQL Server performance problems!

Navigating the May 2019 Security Patches for SQL Server Deployments

Allan Hirt provides a guide on the security alerts and patches as they relate to SQL Server and the operating systems that they run on.

10 Steps You Can Take to be Compliant Worldwide: Free Whitepaper

Learn how data protection legislation is changing globally and the 10 steps database teams can take to ensure compliance and defend against data breaches.

Successfully Managing Upwards and Getting your Boss on your Side

Edwin Sarmiento outlines the principles that you’ll need to learn to vastly improve your working relationship with your boss. Through managing upwards, understanding their workflow, and asking the right questions, this guide will provide you with step-by-step tasks to gain the favor of your employer.

Top 3 Cloud Migration Mistakes: Summer 2019 Version

Summer means grilling, vacation, and screwing up your cloud migration projects. Find out how to avoid failure.

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