Is Normalization Still a Relevant Topic?

Louis Davidson explores the relevancy of Normalization and shares an overview of the process which works to eliminate redundant and overcomplicated data in multiple ways.

Five Steps to Prep for the Cloud

Explore five areas on-premises DBAs like you can tackle right now as you plan a path to the cloud. Learn which skills to hone and how you’ll manage costs (hint: it’s different) and explore cloud database options and migration strategies.

Azure SQL Database Performance Tuning Options

Azure SQL Database is Microsoft’s database-as-a-service offering that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and security. Since Azure SQL Database is database-scoped, there are some big differences when it comes to performance tuning.

Deliver Test Data Fast & Stay Compliant with SQL Provision

Provision dev and test databases in seconds, with sensitive data masked for compliance. Developers get realistic test data in an instant, and your business stays protected.

DBA Pressure!

Feel like your role and responsibilities keep changing? You’re not alone. See what other DBAs are saying.

Partitions on READONLY Filegroups

Kalen Delaney tests and answers the question of whether it’s possible to have a partition scheme with some of the filegroups being READONLY and whether the table can be updated if SQL Server was able to determine that only the READWRITE filegroups would be affected.

Your Safety Net is on Fire: Time to Pull the Plug on SQL Server 2008

The beginning of July is generally a time for enjoying yourself with family and friends, whether you’re an American celebrating on the 4th or a Canadian whooping it up on the 1st. A percentage of DBAs won’t be in a party-friendly frame of mind that week, though, because just a few days later, July 9, 2019, Microsoft will end its extended support for SQL Server 2008.

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