DataOps is More than DevOps

Simon Whitely casts a critical eye on trendy data buzzwords. In this article, he investigates the differences between DataOps and DevOps, and what sets DataOps apart.

Webinar: Introduction to Power BI

Take Your BI Skills to the Next Level!  

Azure Databricks from PyCharm IDE

Dustin Vannoy introduces Databricks Connect as a new, improved way of developing for Azure Databricks from your IDE, and describes the key steps you can take to get Azure Databricks, Databricks Connect, and PyCharm working together on Windows.  

Azure Data Factory from On-Prem to Data Warehouse

In this short video, Hiram Fleitas demonstrates how to copy data or multiple tables from an on-prem SQL Server, through a self-hosted runtime integration to Azure SQL DB Hyperscale and/or Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Azure Data Factory.
He will will also show you how to automate tasks like Resuming or Pausing your Azure SQL Data Warehouse before or after your pipeline ETL runs. Bonus resources included.

Build Your Azure Skills

Microsoft Learn is the best place to learn Azure quickly, with free, interactive, hands-on, step-by-step tutorials. Start with Azure Fundamentals or Data & AI training like Azure for the Data Engineer, AI, Bots, Cognitive Services, or Data Science.

PolyBase in SQL Server 2019 - The End of ETL?

PolyBase has been around since 2016, but Microsoft is enhancing it in 2019 with the ability to connect to more data sources. You can now use PolyBase to connect to other SQL Server instances, and it’s easy to set up with a wizard. In this article, Benjamin Weissman explains what’s new in PolyBase and walks you through setting it up and connecting to an external table. 

Top SQL Server Migration Questions

James Serra shares the top twelve questions he receives from customers looking to migrate on-prem SQL Server to Azure. 

PASS Marathon: Analytics - August 22, 2019

Join PASS Marathon: Analytics to advance your fundamental skills and understanding of data management, business intelligence, and analytics. This virtual event will explore topics on storytelling, visualization, Predictive Analytics, Power BI, Machine Learning, and more. 

Video: Test Automation Agile Enablement for DW/BI Teams

Lynn Winterboer answers questions on the importance of test automation for Agile data teams. 

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