Drillthrough Navigation Between Power BI and SSRS Paginated Reports

Paul Turley discusses report navigation, which allows business users to see and understand important information in different forms.

BI on the Data Lake

In this ebook, Dremio shows you your options for analytics on Big Data and on Data Lakes.

Announcing Support for Non-Premium Power BI Datasets in Power BI Paginated Report Builder

Microsoft recently dropped the latest update to Power BI Report Builder in the download center. It includes, for the first time, the ability to connect to your Power BI datasets, whether or not they are backed by premium capacity.

Webinar: Introduction to Power BI

Take Your BI Skills to the Next Level!

Planning for Accounts, Containers, and File Systems for Your Data Lake in Azure Storage

Melissa Coates explores the incorporation of a new level into the planning process now that Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 is based on Azure Storage as its foundation.

Dynamic Row Level Security (Many to Many)

In this webinar, Devin Knight discusses how to design a Power BI model to plan for a simple or complex row level security scenario.

GDPR: Record British Airways Fine Shows How Data Protection Legislation is Beginning to Bite

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has declared that it intends to fine British Airways a record total of £183.4m because of a data breach it suffered during the summer of 2018.

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