Conquering the Chaos with Data Governance for Power BI

Stacia Varga sheds some light on data governance in Power BI by providing a starting point on an implementation strategy with specific tactics that leverage features in Power BI for better data governance.

BI on the Data Lake

In this ebook, Dremio shows you your options for analytics on Big Data and on Data Lakes.

Introducing the Power BI Performance Analyzer

Marco Russo describes how to use and interpret the information provided by the Power BI Performance Analyzer, finding the bottlenecks in slow reports.

Painless Google Analytics SSIS Integration

Join John Welch and Chris Rock, of SentryOne, on how to Import Data from the Google Analytics API Using SSIS

Successfully Managing Upwards and Getting your Boss on your Side

Edwin Sarmiento outlines the principles that you’ll need to learn to vastly improve your working relationship with your boss. Through managing upwards, understanding their workflow, and asking the right questions, this guide will provide you with step-by-step tasks to gain the favor of your employer.

10 Steps You Can Take to be Compliant Worldwide: Free Whitepaper

Learn how data protection legislation is changing globally and the 10 steps database teams can take to ensure compliance and defend against data breaches.

Heads up: Shared and Certified Datasets are Coming to Power BI

Get ready for the imminent release of Shared and Certified datasets in Power BI! In the coming days Microsoft will start rolling out the public preview of a set of capabilities across the Power BI service and Desktop to enable the full lifecycle of sharing datasets across organizations.

5 Common Challenges to Building BI in the Cloud

Building successful Business Intelligence solutions is a well-documented process with many successful (and unsuccessful) projects to learn from. Follow Mark Kromer as he shares his top 5 list that may help in considerations in cloud BI project planning.

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