Slicer Pop-Out Window in Power BI

Reid Havens shares how to create a highly-customizable and useful slice pop-out window for your Power BI reports.

BI on the Data Lake

In this ebook, we show you your options for analytics on Big Data and on Data Lakes.

Three Ways to Use Power BI Dataflows

Dataflows in Power BI are an interesting capability for centralizing and reusing Power Query logic among many different PBIX files. If you’ve found yourself copying M scripts (Power Query formula language) between files or creating a library of M scripts, then you should look into dataflows. Melissa Coates focuses in on the "Three Ways to Use Power BI Dataflows”.

Injecting Databricks DataFrame into a Power BI Push Dataset

Why would you want to use Python and the Power REST API? Ivan Vazharov explores scenarios where this approach may be beneficial.

Painless Google Analytics SSIS Integration

Import Data from the Google Analytics API Using SSIS

DAX Machine Learning Functionality Used by the Key Influencers Visual in Power BI

Chris Webb explores how the Key Influencers visual works in Power BI. Using the DAX Studio to look at the DAX queries generated by the visual proved to be very revealing.

Where Should I Clean My Data?

James Serra talks about where data should be cleaned when building a modern data warehouse in Azure.

Tutorial: Get Started with the Power BI Service

This tutorial helps you get started with the Power BI service (

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