DataVault and JSON

In this video, Leslie Weed and Jeff Renz talk about Data Warehouse concepts using DataVault and JSON. Learn how to extend auditing with JSON and find specific data for lineage or reporting, or other useful tracking that you can come up with.

Power BI & Advanced T-SQL Instructor-Led Classes Near You

Check out SolidQ’s most popular courses: Advanced T-SQL and Power BI. Learn firsthand from Microsoft MVP experts to boost your career and help your organization’s efficiency.

Introducing Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Connector

Tableau has added a direct connection to Microsoft's Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Watch this demo, exploring New York City Citibike data from 2018, to learn more.

Power BI Architecture Diagram

Dustin Ryan shares the latest update to his Power BI architecture diagram, which includes some of the newest features.

Power BI Performance Tips and Techniques

Learn 5 tips and techniques that illustrate how easy it is to build sophisticated data models in Power BI.

DAX and Conditional Formatting Better Together: Find the Biggest and Smallest Numbers in the Column

Reza Rad demonstrates how to use DAX combined with conditional formatting to highlight only the biggest and the smallest numbers in a column, within a table.

How to Navigate the Challenges of the Data Modeling Process

Data modeling and curation can help businesses use the data they’ve collected more efficiently. However, there are challenges—beginning with data quality.

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