Troubleshooting Web Service Refresh Problems in Power BI with the Power Query Diagnostics Feature

Chris Webb demonstrates how the new Power Query Diagnostics feature in Power BI provides an alternative to using Fiddler when troubleshooting web service refresh issues.  

PASS Marathon: BI

Data-driven industries are off to the races and changing rapidly. To keep you one step ahead of the competition, we’re pleased to offer PASS Marathons for data professionals wanting to take their skills to the next level. PASS Marathon: BI edition will take place on December 11, 2019 starting at 16:00 UTC. Advance your fundamental skills and understanding of data management, business intelligence, and analytics. Explore topics on requirements gathering, Power BI, Big Data, Data Preparation, and Artificial Intelligence.

Next Level Power BI - M Language Basics

Discover and understand the fundamental concepts of the M language as Paul Turley walks through some essential mechanics of the language to build the necessary fundamental skills.  

Power BI Brain Candy: Value Above Replacement

Rob Collie provides an introduction to the concept of Value Above Replacement (aka VAR) and demonstrates a rudimentary VAR analysis in Power BI.  

Help Wanted: Tech Talent with Soft Skills

Hard-to-find technical skills remain in high demand, but CIOs are also seeking workers with the soft skills needed for better collaboration with business functions.

Data Quality and the Importance of Data Stewardship

Having understandable, clean, and compliant data is a necessity for business success. Discover why the role of a Data Steward is becoming ever-more valuable.  

Upcoming Virtual Events

Aggregations in Power BI – Shabnam Watson

Wednesday, December 11. 16:00 UTC.


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