Azure AutoML

Kathi Kellenberger explores and demonstrates Azure Machine Learning Studio, a drag and drop tool to build machine learning models.

Exclusive Microsoft Certification Program

PASS has partnered with Microsoft to bring you exclusive certification training and offers. Demonstrate that you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements by becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Join our virtual boot camp for guidance on how to succeed in your exam(s), including a recap of content, and tips and tricks on approaching exam questions. Plus, all boot camp attendees will have the opportunity to receive a free practice test. The next webinar will take place October 10.

Power BI vs. Tableau: Self-Service Analytics Tools Compared

Self-service business intelligence has become the go-to tool for business decisions. Learn how Power BI and Tableau stack up on features and pricing.  

3 Tips on Storytelling with Color to Improve your Data Visualization

There are some fascinating parallels between storytelling and the practice of data visualization. Every story contains at least three elements.

PASS Marathon: Career Development - October 10, 2019

Join PASS Marathon: Career Development to sharpen your skills in communication and networking, leadership and management, and developing your own personal brand. This virtual event will explore topics that will help you take your career to the next level.

MIT Study: Artificial Intelligence Only Goes So Far In Today's Economy

Artificial intelligence and machine learning may be ideal for picking up the day-to-day tasks of running enterprises, but still fall flat when it comes to innovation or reacting to unforeseen or one-off events.

Data Preparation is Not a Chore

Many consider data preparation and analytics as separate processes, when in fact, data preparation accounts for about 80% of the work of Data Scientists.

Howard Dresner Talks Business Intelligence Trends

In this Q&A, Analyst Howard Dresner talks about trends in the business intelligence software market, industry consolidation and what excites him about analytics.

7 Simple Tricks to Handle Complex Machine Learning Issues

Familiarize yourself with these seven simple solutions to problems that all Data Scientists face almost every day.

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Introduction to Azure Machine Learning - Ravi Kumar

Tuesday, October 08. 17:00 UTC.


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