Why Power BI Slicers Can Show Values That Do Not Exist

Chris Webb explores one of the ways in which blank values in a Power BI slicer can sometimes cause mild confusion for developers and end users alike.

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FILTER() - When, Why & How to Use It (in Power BI too)

Discover one of Rob Collie's all-time favorite Power BI techniques and why you should use FILTER to CALCULATE breaks down.

The Accidental Misdirect

When visualizing data, it's important to focus your audience's attention. Mike Cisneros shares an example of the danger in taking assumptions too far and inadvertently causing confusion rather than clarity.

Data Visualization Resources for Analysts of All Skill Levels

Successful dashboards require great design in order to serve your audience and make it easier for them to find insights. Use this list to explore best practices and get inspired!

Launch Your First BI Project Successfully in Five Days or Less

What would it mean to you and your enterprise if you could start getting useful business insights from your data in five days or less?

21 Must-Know Open Source Tools for Machine Learning you Probably Aren't Using (But Should!)

You are most likely already familiar with the popular open-source tools, such as R, Python, and Jupyter notebooks. However, there is a world beyond these popular tools – a place where under-the-radar machine learning tools exist. While not as eminent as their counterparts, these tools can be a lifesaver for many machine learning tasks.

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