Successfully Managing Upwards and Getting your Boss on your Side

Edwin Sarmiento outlines the principles that you’ll need to learn to vastly improve your working relationship with your boss. Through managing upwards, understanding their workflow, and asking the right questions, this guide will provide you with step-by-step tasks to gain the favor of your employer.

Top 100 Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Influencers in 2019

Analytics Insight magazine recognizes 100 Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Influencers impacting the landmark trends and innovative drive of the tech-savvy world. Learn more about the companies and communities achieving significant growth in Big Data and AI industry.

The ‘Data Scientist’ Title is Evolving

Who is a data scientist and what do they do? It’s a worthy question that has been asked many times over the years. But now it appears the job definition of the data scientist is changing into something new... but what will replace this term?

Docker for Data Science: Docker Fundamentals

Terry McCann discusses the need for Docker, its history, and the fundamentals you’ll need to know when utilizing this tool.

How to Create Your Own Deep Learning Project in Azure

Deep learning has a lot of practical applications for companies such as image recognition, video indexing, and speech to text transcription. However, it can be daunting for companies to start with deep learning projects. Learn how to get your organization up to speed on deep learning by creating a project in Azure.

Scaling Agile, Adopting AI: How Intel is Making IT a Strategic Part of the Business

Intel's latest IT performance report details the company's efforts to scale Agile and DevOps practices, as well as its progress in leveraging AI.

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