Data Preparation for Business Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

Jen Underwood discusses how automated machine learning (autoML) enables citizen data scientists to advance their careers.

Empowering the Citizen Data Scientist

With the increase of data interaction, it’s imperative to set citizen data scientists up for success when it comes to understanding, communicating, and acting on data.

Use Time Series Analytics to Generate a List of Dates at a Specific Start Date

Learn how time series analytics evaluates the values of a given set of variables over time and groups those values into a window (based on a time interval) for analysis and aggregation.

Beyond Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa - What You Need to Know About AI Conversational Applications

A discussion on industry trends in Artificial Intelligence with Vijay Ramakrishnan, a Machine Learning engineer and expert in conversational applications.

Using Simulation and Optimization Together

Dan Fylstra explores the combination of ideas from simulation and optimization to build and solve a simulation optimization model.

Podcast: PowerBI and AI with Jen Stirrup

Is Artificial Intelligence part of your data analytics strategy? Richard Campbell chats with Jen Stirrup about how data analytics and business intelligence continue to evolve to include different elements of artificial intelligence.

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Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis Made Easy

Tuesday, May 07. 17:00 UTC.

Taking Back Control of Your Work using Kanban

Wednesday, May 22. 16:00 UTC.

How to Introduce Your Data Scientists to CI/CD

Wednesday, May 22. 19:00 UTC.


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