5 Ways to Make your Power BI Reports More Accessible

Increase the usability of your reports for users who may work differently than you do. Watch as Meagan Longoria walks us through five ways to make Power BI reports more accessible.

PASS Summit 2019 Call for Speakers

The PASS Summit 2019 Community Call for Speakers is still open. Abstracts will be accepted for consideration until March 31 at 23:00 UTC.

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The Future of Data Governance: Balancing Data Governance and Data Management

The Chief Data Officer of Citizens Bank, Ursula Cottone, tackles the question of how to create a competitive advantage for business partners by delivering fast access to high quality data.

Intel and Microsoft Bring Optimizations to Deep Learning on Azure

Microsoft announces a partnership with Intel to bring optimized deep learning frameworks to Azure.

24 Hours of PASS: 20 Years of PASS - Past Learnings and Future Visions—Registration is Open!

Taking place on April 3-4, this 24 Hours of PASS: 20 Years of PASS - Past Learnings and Future Visions features an assortment of analytics-focused sessions.
During these 24 back-to-back webinars, learn how new and experienced speakers plan to take their data estates forward in the next 20 years, as well as what fundamentals they believe will stand the test of time.

Managing Requirements is an Art Mastered by a Business Analyst

Learn more about the four basic steps of requirements management, handling, and processing: Discovery, Analysis, Drafting, and Implementation.

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Azure Intelligent Services

Thursday, April 11. 17:00 UTC.

Building Trust in the Teams

Wednesday, April 24. 17:00 UTC.


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