Lowdown With Lori

Director-at-Large, Lori Edwards, gives an overview of the August 2020 PASS Connector.

Dive Into PASS Virtual Summit 2020

As we’re getting closer to Summit and the excitement is building, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. With your help, PASS Virtual Summit 2020 will be a fantastic event. Take a look at what to expect this November by watching the preview video.

Welcoming Melissa to the PASS Knowledge Partner Program

PASS is pleased to announce Melissa as the newest member of the PASS Knowledge Partner Program. Supporting the PASS community with industry-leading educational content, Melissa’s deeper engagement as a Knowledge Partner helps our members gain valuable fellowship and insight on solving real-world data quality challenges, such as how to apply tools, accelerate analytics, and monetize data cleansing.

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Do you know someone in the PASS community who deserves special recognition for their volunteering efforts? Nominate your favorite volunteer for an Outstanding Volunteer Award!

Is SQL Server Running Slow - Again?

When SQL Server is slow, what should you do first to analyze and address performance bottlenecks?

Learn a five-step process for database performance tuning in our latest ebook, The Fundamental Guide to SQL Query Optimization.

PASS Community Spotlight

At PASS HQ, we celebrate and support the diversity of the PASS community. We are passionate about creating an inclusive community, where all members feel as though they belong. As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, this month we are sharing pieces that focus on how these discussions apply to our community and the tech industry.
Check out these pieces from three PASS community members:
Mico Yuk provides insight into the State of the Black Tech Ecosystem.
Angela Tidwell responds to claims that Women Are Bad at Tech.
Mala Mahadevan shares her thoughts on Being Seen and Why PASS Helped.
Do you have content you’d like to share with the community? We’d love to hear from you! You can reach us at CommunityTeam@pass.org.

Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux accelerate database performance for the modern digital era.

PASS Virtual Summit: General Sessions Announcement

We are thrilled to release our General Sessions for PASS Virtual Summit 2020. We will be bringing you more world class content this November with On-Demand access to our sessions for a full year after the event. Available in multiple time zones with live Q&A's from your speakers, PASS Virtual Summit is truly a global event.

Partner Webinar: Build and Deploy Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters

There is just one week left to register for our upcoming Partner Webinar with HPE. This webinar is ideal for Data Scientists challenged with growing volumes of data stored in separate and isolated data systems. You’ll be shown use cases, deployment options, and best practices.

Fight Stale Data

30% of your data goes stale each year. Melissa’s Data Quality Components for SSIS verifies addresses and dedupes your records to power business intelligence. Try our Community Edition for FREE, or sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial of our Enterprise Edition.

Speaker Idol

Have you always dreamed of speaking at PASS Summit but haven’t had the chance? Apply today to become a contestant at this year’s PASS Virtual Summit Speaker Idol — the winner will receive a speaking spot at next year’s conference!

Partner Webinar: Introduction to Podman and the SQL Server on Red Hat Universal Base Image Container

Created with DBAs and developers in mind, Red Hat, joined by Microsoft, will be delivering a 60-minute session designed specifically for DBAs and Developers. This webinar will help you identify opportunities for deploying SQL Server containers, evaluate different container runtime options, when to use them, and much more!

Upcoming Virtual Events


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