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PASS FY 2020 Financials

Posting our annual budget and financials each year is an opportunity for us to give our community members transparency into our financial planning and where our money is going in support of the organization.

As an additional layer of clarity to the line items throughout the statement, this year’s financials are once again accompanied by a high-level summary and FAQ document:

View FY 2020 Budget

One of the most significant changes you’ll notice this year is the approved deficit. Achieving a neutral budget was essential last year, and by doing so, we are now in a position where we can operate comfortably with this small deficit, allowing us to explore new opportunities for revenue diversity.

We have carefully reviewed this year’s budget line-by-line and we are confident that our organization is set up for success this year.

Throughout the review process, we continued to look for areas to reduce or reallocate funds where they may not be effective. Our breakfast cutbacks at PASS Summit over the last few years is a good example of this.

In FY 2019, we reduced our hot breakfast to coffee and pastries, and while the feedback we received was that community members were not pleased with this change, it still ranked as one of the least important factors to the overall conference experience in the post event survey.

In order to provide a breakfast that was equivalent to PASS Summit 2018, the costs were significantly higher this year. Given the feedback we received last year, the decision was made to remove it rather than increase costs in an area that the data shows did not have a significant impact on overall attendee experience.

As Tim mentioned in his recent blog post, we still wanted to explore other breakfast options where possible. This year, we will be providing conference attendees with Starbucks cards to help offset breakfast expenses.

This shift has resulted in $63,000 in savings, after the cost of Starbucks cards, which we can now reinvest back into other much needed areas of our organization.

As we continue our momentum in FY2020, we need to remain focused on the priorities we’ve set this fiscal year – educational content, accessibility and engagement – which feed the funnel to PASS Summit and drive the revenue we need to achieve our budgeted goals and explore new avenues for revenue growth.

While a focus of the budget this year was to allow room to explore opportunities for diversifying revenue streams, we still need your help. By attending PASS Summit every year, you are actively contributing to our success and longevity as a not-for-profit organization.

I encourage everyone to take some time to review the FY 2020 Budget, summary, and FAQ document. These documents have been provided to make the budget as easy as possible to understand.

If you have any questions about the FY 2020 Budget or related documents, please contact me.

Wendy Pastrick
About the author

Wendy Pastrick joined the PASS Board in 2013, serving as a Director-at-Large over User Groups, Virtual User Groups, and Educational Content. She has worked as a Database Administrator since 2000, supporting both development and production environments. Her many years of involvement with PASS include working with the Women in Technology Virtual Group and the Chicago Suburban User Group, serving as Regional Mentor for the Midwest region, and serving on both the 2011 Election Review Committee and the 2012 PASS Summit Program Committee. Wendy has organized many highly successful PASS SQLSaturday events in Chicago and has spoken at numerous others around the country. She received PASS' highest honor, the PASSion Award, in 2010.

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