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PASS Summit Breakfast Options

As a not-for-profit organization, maintaining a balanced budget and providing our members with an outstanding conference experience each year is no easy feat. One of the biggest challenges we have encountered over the years is our ability to provide a suitable breakfast option while increasing the quality of educational content and networking opportunities we offer at PASS Summit.

Returning attendees will have noticed significant changes to our breakfast offerings over the past couple of years. These changes were carefully considered and based on post-event feedback from attendees, however, it’s clear that our community was not happy with the shift from a hot breakfast to a pastry and coffee option. We heard you loud and clear.

We looked at other options within the convention center, and all options came at an increased rate. While survey results indicate that food and beverage rank as the least important reason for attending PASS Summit, we recognize the need for a suitable breakfast option.

This year, we decided to try something different and increase breakfast options by giving Starbucks gift cards to all attendees. The dollar amount pre-loaded on gift cards will reflect the number of conference days attended, with the standard 3-day attendee receiving $25. These gift cards will give attendees the flexibility to choose from the wide variety of Starbucks menu options and locations in downtown Seattle.

The PASS Community Zone will also be open each morning for those of you who would like to pick up your fresh breakfast and head over to the Conference Center for some early morning networking.

To further increase flexibility in how you use your gift cards, there will be no expiry date or restriction on when or where you can use them. For those of you who would like to save your gift card for a major caffeine fix when you return home, I’d encourage you to take advantage of the free hot breakfasts provided by sponsors. This is a great way to grab your fill of food, meet with others, and hear from sponsors about the latest products and services designed to help you solve your day-to-day challenges.

We are always looking for opportunities to adjust and improve, and your feedback is vital in pointing us in the right direction. Please take the time to fill out your post event survey and tell us about the areas that are most important to your conference experience.

Tim Ford
About the author
Tim is the Founder and CEO of TechOutbound, which produces personalized training events in exotic locations, including the successful SQL Cruise. Having over 25 years of experience in the Microsoft Data Platform, he's currently a Senior DBA/DBE for SurveyMonkey - focusing on cloud strategy, operations, and architecture for their SQL Server footprint. Tim previously architected, implemented, and supported the SQL Server environment from the ground up in a major Midwestern healthcare system and served in a senior role within that association for over 16 years. As a technical author, Tim has a passion for reaching audiences that start their journey in data by targeting entry-level topics or by writing for,, SQLServerCentral,, and He is the co-author of a book on Dynamic Management Objects with Louis Davidson and creator of The Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects. Tim presents on technical and professional development topics at many events, including PASS SQLSaturday, PASS Summit, SQL Cruise, and Local Group meetings.

1 comments on article "PASS Summit Breakfast Options"

9/27/2019 8:04 AM
Wil Sisney

I love PASS as an organization, and I choose to attend Summit every year with my conference budget, but I am really disappointed in this choice.

There's 1 Starbucks in the Convention Center, and 2 more in near walking distance. The location in the Convention Center seats 40 people at best. 4000 people attend Summit. You're going to have a lot of hungry, cranky data professionals this year.

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