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PASS has years of experience delivering leading content across our key data streams of Architecture, Data Management, and Analytics. With this new Educational Series—delivered by leading topic experts and available only to PASS Pro Members—you'll receive curated learning designed to pick you up from where you are and take you to where you need to be. You'll also be quizzed along the way to test your progress in real time.

The first Educational Series' are focused on Data Modernization, Azure Migration, and Azure Synapse. Our experts deep dive into the strategic and the tactical, bringing a real world perspective to help you through your learning journey. Preview their sessions below and sign up for PASS Pro Membership today to get started on your learning journey.


Your Instructors

Greg Low Photo

Greg Low

CEO and Principal Mentor
SQL Down Under
John Morehouse Photo

John Morehouse

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting
Ginger Grant Photo

Ginger Grant

Principal Consultant in Advanced Analytics
Desert Isle Group
Monica Rathbun Photo

Monica Rathbun

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

Series Modules

Example Series Breakdown


Module 1

Test: Skill Assessement

10-15 Questions

Module 2

Pathway Introduction

3-5 minutes

Module 3

Pathway Session - Solving Common Problems

60 Minutes

Module 4

Quiz Poll (open comment poll for pain-points, issues, problems)

Module 5

Pathway Session - Platform Options

30-60 Minutes

Module 6

Quiz Poll (current platform, set up, etc.)

Module 7

Microsoft Product Video

5 Minutes

Module 8

Pathway Session - Best Practices & What to Watch For

60 Minutes

Module 9

Test: Knowledge

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