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#SQLLove Story


While people attend PASS Summit for many different reasons, including the fantastic speakers or opportunities to network, most don’t come expecting to attend a wedding.

Tamera Clark and Kerry Tyler started dating after meeting at Purdue University in Indiana. Both working as data professionals, they both dreamed of the day where each of their respective companies would pay their registration fees to attend PASS Summit. They started an inside joke saying “it’s all fun and games until you go to PASS Summit,” and told one another that if they ever got the opportunity to attend the conference, they would get married there. It was October 2011, when they finally got their chance.

Tamera vaguely remembers posting a tweet, to which Denny Cherry replied saying that he was ordained and would be more than happy to officiate.  Things moved quickly and before they knew it, Tamera and Kerry were getting legal papers notarized and then picking up their marriage license in downtown Seattle. #SQLWedding was official.

After a full day of Thursday sessions at PASS Summit, a small group walked from the Washington State Convention Centre. The first stop was at a Microsoft party on the way, which Tamera jokingly refers to as their “rehearsal dinner” before carrying on to nearby Waterfront Park in Seattle. Vows were exchanged, paperwork was signed and the small group of around 12 people celebrated the newly married couple!

The next morning, their photo was up on the screen in the opening session and days later, they were chatting with past PASS President, Bill Graziano who said, “if I had known you guys were serious, we might have been able to do this on stage!”

Congratulations to Tamera and Kerry who will be celebrating their 7th “PASSaversary” this year at PASS Summit 2018.

In the same year at PASS Summit 2011, two more attendees were meeting for the first time, not yet realizing the impact it would have on the rest of their lives.

Both data professionals by trade, Julie Koesmarno was speaking at the conference, while Harry Chandra was a Buddy helping to welcome First-Time attendees. When he saw her name listed outside of a session room, he ducked inside to listen and ask a few questions. At the end of the session, they exchanged contact information but lost touch after a single follow-up email.

Fast forward three years later, when they were both attending SQLSaturday Oregon in November 2014. At the time, Julie was living in Australia and Harry, in Portland. The second-chance meeting was all it took for them to start dating long distance, and less than a year later, Julie accepted an opportunity with Microsoft and re-located to Redmond. As they say, the rest is history! They are now married, and managed to incorporate some SQL jokes into their wedding invitation – a true reference to the beginnings on their relationship.

Terence O'Shea
About the author

PASS is a not-for-profit organization run by and for a diverse community. PASS supports data professionals throughout the world who use the Microsoft data platform. PASS’ mission is to Empower data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to connect, share, and learn through networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning.

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