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PASS and the Anti-Harassment Policy

In 2012, PASS implemented the PASS Summit Anti-Harassment Policy because of our commitment to providing a safe environment for all of our members. Much of what led up to the creation of this policy was the need to have an avenue to investigate alleged harassment incidents. Unfortunately, most of us have either been a victim of or witness to an incident of harassment. The Anti-Harassment Policy is in place to support a safe and inclusive environment and covers far more than some of us know. From the policy:

“Harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive verbal comments related to gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other protected classification directed toward an individual or group.”

Attendees, vendors, partners and speakers at PASS Summit agree to the Anti-Harassment Policy (AHP) when they register for the event. Because PASS does not own SQLSaturdays, SQLSaturday organizers can also agree to adopt the PASS AHP for their events, or adopt their own policy. If the SQLSaturday organizers adopt the AHP, all attendees and speakers are required to agree to it during registration. Since 2017, when PASS extended the policy for SQLSaturdays, approximately 75% of the events have adopted the AHP.

If an incident of harassment occurs and you wish to file a report, fill out the incident summary report and send it to  If you’re at PASS Summit, you can drop it off at the designated box at the information desk.  At SQLSaturday events, attendees can also report incidents to the organizer.

If you’re the victim, please think about submitting an incident report. Without these reports, PASS is unable to take any action. If you’re a witness to such an event, and if you’re comfortable, please ensure that the victim is alright and offer to help in whatever way that you can.  

It’s important that we work together to ensure that PASS events are safe and welcoming for everyone. As community members, we all own this responsibility.  My hope is that we continue to receive very few anti-harassment reports – not because people are concerned with submitting them, but because we have continued to grow as a safe, inclusive, and supportive community.

Lori Edwards
About the author

Lori Edwards has spent the past 16 years working with SQL Server. Her current position is Training Manager for SentryOne and she develops training content to help our users and partners become experts at our products. After attending her first Summit in 2008, she began volunteering for PASS, serving on the Program Committee, the Election Review Committee and Nominations Committee. In 2011, her volunteer efforts were recognized when she won the PASSion award. She has also had the opportunity to speak at a number of events, including SQL Saturdays, local user groups, PASS Summit and SQL Bits.

She hopes to use her background in communication and her love for education and technology to help further the PASS efforts of connecting, sharing and learning for the MS Data Platform community.

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